Campaign for the Community Recreation and Wellness Center

As the number of people and businesses in Livingston County has grown over the years, Cleary University has grown along with them as an active contributor to the quality of life here. Cleary is now taking the next big step toward enhancing that quality of life for the whole community with the new Community Recreation and Wellness Center, part of its long-term plan to build a complete campus in Livingston County.

Through Cleary University’s various partnerships and potential future partnerships with other local recreation and wellness agencies, the Center will be open for the use of the whole community. As a new gathering place for families and individuals, the Center also offers increased opportunities for informal networking for employers, entrepreneurs, Cleary students, and the general public. Beyond the people who regularly use the Center, the entire community will benefit in many ways:

  • A fuller collegiate experience attracts students and boosts community spirit. As Cleary University grows, it enhances the quality of life in Livingston County through a better educated populous, which in turn can attract businesses and increase employment and compensation.
  • The health, wellness, and recreation benefits available to employees through company YMCA memberships are a valuable resource for businesses to maintain the wellness of their workforce and attract new employees.
  • The collaboration avoids possible duplication of services and the waste of limited community resources.

Cleary University has formed a variety of partnerships for the Wellness Center both before the completion of the facility and after, including:

  • St. Joseph Mercy-Livingston will utilize the Wellness Center, as they do not have a comparable facility of their own.
  • Priority Health has agreed to work with corporations to discount their premiums when corporate employees use the Wellness Center.
  • TAB Massage and Fitness will serve as a consultant to Cleary for programming and equipment needs for the Wellness Center.
  • Dr. Penny Baumeier will serve as a consultant for the Wellness Center’s child obesity programming.
  • Howell Public Schools

To read more about the Campaign for Cleary University's Community Recreation and Wellness Center, please click here. To speak to a Cleary University representative in regards to the Center, contact Janet Filip at 517.586.3009 or via email at