C is for Community Wellness! 

Cleary University’s Danielle Baldridge and Rachel Hillaker are soccer players, but recently they got to share their volleyball skills with a group of aspiring Fowlerville middle school students.

Baldridge and Hillaker, who played volleyball at their respective high schools, joined Cougars teammates Adrianna Fidanza and Ashton Lacelle to help perspective volleyball players who are looking to tryout for their school teams once school begins Sept. 2.

The clinic was the idea of Carl Chrzanowski, a parent and Cleary alum.
His friend Patty DuFore wanted her daughter to participate as well. When word got out that they were helping players prepare for the upcoming season, Chrzanowski turned to his alma mater for help.

Every Thursday for the past month, Chrzanowski, DuFore and about 13 middle school girls have worked on drills and conditioning to get tuned up for the first round of tryouts at Fowlerville Middle School.

“This is great between season conditioning, the girls have improved each day, they are communicating and it gets them off the couch” said Chrzanowski.

“I met Carl here at Cleary and he said there was these young volleyball players practicing at Cleary. I haven’t played volleyball in a couple years and seemed like a great opportunity to meet some of the young athletes in the community,” Baldridge, who played volleyball at Lapeer West High School.

“Even though I play soccer, I can see myself in a lot of these girls. I think it is so important as a collegiate student-athlete to be actively involved in the community.” said Fidanza

“My teammates contacted me about a middle school volleyball team that has played at Cleary’s Wellness Center this summer. I wanted to come participate because I am passionate about the game and want to spread that passion to younger kids.”
Hillaker said.

“I saw an opportunity to come out and support individuals who come and support Cleary University,” Lacelle said.

Chrzanowski said that he likes the idea that the Wellness Center is open and available to the community and hopes that others will realize its benefits.

Save the date

To attend a fundraising gala to raise money for the new demonstration kitchen. The kitchen will be located inside the Wellness and Recreation Center. It will be used to offer nutrition classes, healthy grocery shopping classes and meal preparation demonstrations. We can't wait to share our kitchen with the community!

Please contact Janet Filip at or 517-586-3009 if you’d like to attend.