LEC BUSINESS TUNE-UP, Thursday, May 15, 2014  


10:15 AM Workshop
attorney Ashley Prew - Business Liability Protection 

Ashley Prew is an attorney at Timothy L. Williams & Associates. She will advise participants on how to select business entities, maintain the business entity, use effective contracts, protect the business with trademarks and service marks, and plan for occurences that can destroy a business.

NOON - 12:20PM Plated Lunch


12:20PM - 1:20PM Keynote speaker
Firemarshall Lyal Bigger - business contingency & preparedness      

Lyal Bigger,  Birmingham Fire Marshal, and former Bloomfield Township Assistant Fire Chief  for 28 years, has developed his expertise on fire-prevention and fire investigations.Taking time to review your site and to create a contingency plan is good for your employees, your family, your customers and clients, and you. Preparedness planning helps you limit the damage and respond well to the impact. Learn from Fire Marshal Bigger; limit your exposure and plan for the unplanned.

Tickets can be purchased on our website: CLEARY.EDU /TICKETS