All-Inclusive Tuition Policy

Cleary University believes in offering a fair value exchange to our students and, to this end, we have adopted a tuition policy that bundles the total costs associated with the educational process into an all-inclusive package. Cleary University students can plan their college expenses knowing there will be no added fees or surprises. The all-inclusive policy includes all textbooks, which are shipped directly to students’ homes or workplaces.

Tuition Guarantee

Cleary University guarantees that a student’s tuition will not increase for up to 12 consecutive undergraduate terms if the student is enrolled for at least 8 credit hours (4 credit hours for the summer term)* and does not interrupt enrollment. For the graduate program, students must be enrolled for 6.5 consecutive terms for 8 or more credits.

*For purposes of calculating consecutive terms of enrollment for undergraduate and graduate students, summer term is counted as a half-term and B-session starts are counted as a whole term.

2013-2014 Tuition

Cleary University's approach to tuition is different from other academic institutions. No added fees or extra charges ever...and that rate is guaranteed not to increase as long as a student remains continuously enrolled (see above).

Graduate Program Tuition $590/credit hour
Textbooks $0
Registration/Enrollment Fee $0
Technology Fee $0
Lab Fee $0
Parking Fee $0
Library Fee $0
Student Life Fee $0
Graduation Fee $0
Records/Processing Fee $0