MBA in Financial Planning

The Master of Business Administration in Financial Planning is designed specifically for the student interested in earning an MBA in addition to acquiring the Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning. Our Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning is a curriculum approved by the Certified Financial Planners Board. Earning an MBA in Financial Planning from Cleary University, along with a graduate certificate in financial planning, also fulfills the Certified Financial Planners Board’s requirements with the additional benefits commensurate with a graduate degree.

The MBA in Financial Planning consists of thirteen courses designed to provide students with the analytical abilities, communication skills, and technical competence that will enable them to serve the public in a complex and changing business environment. Overall, this degree prepares candidates for CFP® certification with a balance of personal finance and management skills.

MBA in Health Care Leadership

The Master of Business Administration in Health Care Leadership at Cleary University is designed to fit the needs of professionals who are seeking highly relevant training in health care leadership.

Cleary faculty are practitioners who have achieved leadership roles in the field of health care administration and who give the curriculum a contemporary perspective. They bring real-world experience to the classroom and offer valuable insights into the fast-paced and ever-shifting health care industry.

The implementation of health care reform will require health care leaders who can adapt quickly to change. These leaders will need to continue to manage and motivate a diverse workforce in order to deliver quality outcomes that will ensure reimbursement and enhance patient care. Cleary University is uniquely positioned to offer students an education that can provide the necessary skills to accomplish this.

In addition to a cutting-edge curriculum, Cleary University offers students a variety of programs that enhance the learning experience, including quality internship placements and an active Health Care Management Club.

MBA in Management

The Master of Business Administration in Management is designed to prepare mid-career working adults for advancement to positions of increasing responsibility and leadership roles in business organizations. Work experience and undergraduate academic preparation in any major qualifies individuals for this program to develop advanced competencies in problem solving, technical analysis, and interpersonal skills required for effective leadership and management.

The MBA in Management emphasizes development and application of a broad set of skills needed to succeed in the rapidly changing business environment. Topics prepare students in all facets of enterprise management: human, financial, marketing, and operations. Graduates pursue careers in manufacturing, health care, government, or service sectors.

Students complete thirteen required courses addressing business core and major topics and their application. This program is available in a fully online option by taking one course per session. Some courses may also be available in a lecture format.

MBA in Organizational Leadership

The Master of Business Administration in Organizational Leadership is designed for upwardly mobile, mid-career professionals seeking to advance to the leadership level in a contemporary organization. Students attain a graduate-level business foundation and a concentration in leadership that emphasizes an understanding of human behavior and the important issues for the international and multicultural organizations of today. This knowledge base is critical to achieving success in today’s diverse global marketplace.

The Occupational Outlook Handbook 2008-2009 indicates that managers whose accomplishments reflect strong leadership qualities will have the best opportunities for high level positions. It further states that “in an increasingly global economy, experience in international economics and business will also be beneficial.”