The Pierre Paul Connection

Leveille (Lee) Jean-Gilles, owner of Pierre Paul Art Gallery, is the Director of the Arthur Secunda Museum and was the catalyst for creation of the Museum. At Pierre Paul Art Gallery, Lee represented Secunda for many years culminating in a solo exhibit, “Emerging Emotions,” which was presented in 2002. Thus, Lee knew of Secunda’s Michigan roots and developed a deep respect for both his work and exceptional talent. 

Alex & Lee.JPG
Arthur's son, Alexander, meets with Lee at the Grand Opening of the Museum in 2013

Lee also formerly served as Trustee of Cleary University. In 2010, he headed the renovation of Cleary University’s Washtenaw Campus in Ann Arbor as both an interior and exterior design consultant. In addition to designing the interior, Lee also curated an art collection of Michigan Artists and created the Art Adoption program, allowing donations to go directly toward supporting the collection. Through this program, Lee began a conversation with the wonderful people at Cleary about the importance of art within the educational setting. Currently, Lee provides interior and exterior design consultation and construction planning in both the Ann Arbor and Livingston Campuses. He strives to create environments that optimize the teaching and learning process, encouraging community outreach through Cleary University’s facilities. In this capacity, he knew of Cleary’s desire and potential to support cultural programing.


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