Cleary University Marketing Club

Mission Statement

The mission of the Cleary University Marketing Club is to provide opportunities for students to interact with professionals and gain hands-on  experience through community projects, guest speakers, networking events, and workshops. The Cleary University Marketing Club will offer opportunities for students to gain the knowledge and understanding of today's real-world business so that they can further their professional development beyond the classroom. 

The club has a closed Facebook group where we exchange ideas, job posts, relevant articles, and club events. To join please email 

Meeting Agenda 


Club Meetings

January 13, 2015 at 4:30 pm 

Located in Chrysler Hall 

Want to join?

email for your spot in the CMC! 

Club Events 


President: Kellie Szewczyk
Vice President: Elaine Lowe
Head of Recruitment: Bre Thumudo 
Secretary: Morgan McFaul


Staff Mentorship: Anna Ankenbrand