President’s Message

A Business School Built For Reality

President Tom Sullivan
President Thomas Sullivan

Cleary University is extremely focused on business students. But not simply a focus on subject matter—we have reinvented the higher education experience to reflect the needs of today’s student. By stepping outside of lifetime educators and thick textbooks and into the real world of active doers, we mirror today’s business environment with genuine preparation as the outcome. Cleary University is a business school built for reality.

History of Innovation

It’s time for a new model of higher education—one that is focused on the student and the success they can bring to employers, not on itself. Founded in 1883, Cleary University is dedicated to building successful business professionals. Innovative surroundings—from the teaching-learning model, to the academic calendar, to tuition pricing, to book delivery, to the professional project—you’ll find lean thinking, networked alumni, and motivated professionals. We are always thinking about our students as our customers whose expectations we want to exceed.

Leadership Commitment

I am especially proud to be affiliated with Cleary University, an institution committed to teaching the American free market economic system, ethical business practices, and leadership skills. Our alumni include small business owners, Fortune 500 executives, mid- and senior-level managers—all solid performers who contribute each day to the promise of America. I invite you to join us in this exciting and noble opportunity.

Thomas P. Sullivan