Meet a Scholarship Recipient


When someone survives a heart attack, it’s funny how the important things in life take priority. After Cleary University student Carl Chrzanowski survived a “widow-maker” and lost his job, he decided to make the best of his situation and better himself by going to school.

“I thought, hey, I already have a technical background and because of Cleary’s class offerings and accelerated program it seemed to be a good fit,” said Chrzanowski.

By the time you read this, the Fowlerville, Michigan resident will have earned his Associate Degree in Computer Technology and he’ll be working toward a BS in Computer Information Systems from Cleary University.

“I thought about taking this past summer off, but I think it’s easier to stay focused than refocus,” said Chrzanowski. “Plus, if you stay continuously enrolled at Cleary, you won’t lose your grants, scholarships, and your locked-in tuition rate.”

Chrzanowski received a scholarship from Cleary University’s Endowed Scholarship Fund in 2011.

Although Chrzanowski is still on the hunt for full-time work (hint, hint, to anyone reading this), with his full-load of classes and new role as president of Cleary’s Computer Club, C3, Chrzanowski manages to stay quite busy. In his down time, he hangs out with the “love of his life,” his wife of 24 years, and their 10-year-old daughter.