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With increasing globalization and the growing role of digital media, marketing is constantly evolving. As global competition intensifies, organizations increasingly rely on skilled professionals to identify and develop profitable new markets. Marketing is the creative, fast-paced business of promoting, developing, and selling products to distinctive customer markets. Graduates with a bachelor degree in marketing explore the relationship between agencies and their customers as well as current trends. Marketing covers a variety of positions such as marketing manager, marketing research analyst, sales manager, and more found in private and public corporations, marketing agencies, or entrepreneurial undertakings.


The bachelor of business administration degree (BBA) in Marketing provides the student with a well-rounded education in marketing and management principles. This degree is well suited for a diverse range of marketing and management careers. The BBA in Marketing is designed to integrate a foundation of business education and expertise that prepares graduates for a variety of professional business careers.

The Marketing program emphasizes the practical application of business principles to complex real-life business problems. Cleary University’s diverse practitioner-faculty are prepared educationally and professionally to provide a truly unique and substantial learning experience. The methodology is based on case studies, project-based learning, and other teaching methods that promote real world decision making. The program focuses on core strategic marketing functions.


Organizations rely on skilled professionals to manage the process of developing and promoting products and services. A Cleary BBA in Marketing provides students with the knowledge to research the market demand for products/services and to develop strategies to market to consumers and organizations as well as analytical, communication, decision making, interpersonal, and organizational skills. Graduates may receive positions in the areas of advertising/promotion, account coordination, communications, digital marketing, event marketing, market research, product branding, marketing management, sales management, and new business development within any industry.


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