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Career Development

91% of employers hiring new college graduates prefer to hire candidates with work experience prior to graduation. 50% of those employers prefer that experience to be through an internship or co-op (NACE)

Career Development for Students

Cleary University Career Fast Track Event

March 8, 2018
Cleary University, Howell Campus – Johnson Center
ALL Cleary University students and alumni are welcome ~ Pre-registration is required

91% of employers hiring new college graduates prefer to hire candidates with work experience prior to graduation. 50% of those employers prefer that experience to be through an internship or co-op (NACE)

Great experiences and great careers don’t just happen overnight.  It takes careful thought and planning.  We encourage our students to discover, explore, plan, and DO.

Here at Cleary University, our Career Development office is here to assist and support our students in all of your career related endeavors. Our goal is to help you develop the experiences that provide you with opportunities to explore your strengths and passions, help you understand career fundamentals, assist in building a professional network, add relevant experience to your résumé, and achieve your career goals!

Registration and additional information coming soon.


Some of the resources, activities, and events available through the Career Development office include:

Career Development Courses

Cleary University students have many opportunities to build their careers, while still enrolled in college.  In addition to the free career development resources, Cleary University offers several elective courses as part of your degree. When choosing elective courses, it is important to think about your career goals and objectives and plan to make the best use of elective credits. Career Development encourages you to consider your academic plan and make a conscious effort to save five (5) elective credits for the courses below. These courses are specifically designed to enhance your career development and job search skills to expand your work experience and networks.

CAR2000 – Business Career Planning (recommended Sophomore or Junior year)

This course will guide students through the processes of self-assessment and career exploration to interviewing, networking, and career search strategies.

INT0003 – Internship (recommended late Junior or Senior year)

This internship allows students to learn directly from a work environment through an internship position with a non-profit, governmental or business organization. Learning outcomes are based on a combination of the student’s degree program, professional goals, and employer needs and is individualized cooperatively through the Career Development office; the host organization, the supervisor, and the student.

PLEASE NOTE: Other types of internships and work experiences are available to those who do not have elective credit to use. Details of the internship program and other work experience options are available. Please contact the Career Development office for additional information.

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Guidelines for International MBA Students

Curricular Practical Training (or CPT) is an integral, and required part of your MBA program at Cleary University; therefore, it is essential to follow established processes for CPT employment.

Finding and obtaining CPT positions is a cooperative effort of Cleary University and yourself. It is very important you follow processes closely in order to achieve the best possible CPT outcome.  Below are basic guidelines to read prior to enrolling at Cleary University for your MBA degree.

  • CPT will be permitted after the successful completion of your first semester of your MBA program at Cleary University. This first semester is needed to:
    • Adapt to course work and load
    • Acclimate to the Cleary University culture
    • Adjust to the geographic area
    • Develop an American style resume
    • Practice “American” interviewing strategies
    • Establish clear goals for your CPT experience with Cleary University staff
  • If you need assistance in obtaining a CPT position, the first step in the CPT process is to complete an “American” style resume. The Career Development office can assist you with this process.
  • Reliable transportation for CPT is a must. Businesses and organizations in the US mandate employees are on time for interviews and to work. Transportation on foot or bicycle can be unreliable, at best.
  • Always reply immediately (within 24 hours) to communication from the Career Development office, the PDSO and other Cleary staff concerning CPT issues.
  • CPT employment MUST be approved by the PDSO prior to starting. No exceptions. Your CPT position must be noted on a new I-20 before you can begin working. Plan on 5-10 business days for processing.
  • CPT employment is a required (second year) component of your program at Cleary. All employment in the US must be reported to the PDSO who will record it in SEVIS.  If you begin working any CPT position (or other form of employment) without prior approval, you risk falling into non-compliance with your F1 visa status.
  • Your F1 (student) visa specifies CPT employment as part of your Cleary University program. Therefore, if you withdraw, drop, transfer or fall below academic or attendance requirements or become ineligible to attend Cleary University, you may no longer be allowed to work your CPT position.

REMEMBER: The American process of finding employment is likely very different from what you are accustomed to at home. Americans are competitive in the job market which means you will need to “sell” your skills to employers.  There is no guarantee of CPT.  This process largely depends on YOU and your efforts.  It is imperative you follow all processes and instructions from Cleary staff regarding seeking, obtaining and retaining CPT employment.

Please be aware that most patient care professions such as nurses (RNs and LPNs) and lab technicians will be required to be licensed in the State of MI.  There are additional costs associated with obtaining these licenses that is not included in your educational fees through Cleary University.  These fees will be your responsibility, should you choose to pursue these options,

*Exceptions may be considered on a case-by-case basis

Although CPT is an important component to your Cleary University MBA, CPT employment is limited to 40 hours per week and may be reduced at the discretion of the University.

A note about Optional Practical Training (OPT)

If you are considering Occupational Practical Training (OPT) post-graduation, please be advised on the following clarifications on CPT and OPT from SEVIS:

  • International F1 visa students may obtain approval and authorization for full-time CPT for the entire length of your MBA program; however, any student who works full-time CPT more than 364 days total (in their program), will not be eligible to apply for OPT following graduation.

For more information or questions, please contact:

Cleary University Career Development at or 800.686.1883  Ext. 1556.

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