Cleary University, The Laundry, Lake Trust
The Laundry in Fenton hosted the Cleary University Lake Trust MBA students for an enjoyable evening of dining and learning. The proprietor Mark Hamel began the evening with a tour of the baking operation. He provided a demonstration of how they produce artesian bread and pastries for their restaurant, retail, and commercial customers, which include Williams Sonoma.

Following the tour the group ordered dinner from a customized menu that featured some of the Laundry’s most popular dishes and listened to a presentation provided by the owner on the history of the Cleary University, The Laundry, Lake Trustorganization, how he developed and implemented growth strategies for the business and future plans for the businesses growth.

The objective of incorporating this on-ground experience in this customized MBA program is to reinforce and “bring to life” concepts taught in the classroom in real life.

Yet another instance of Cleary University working collaboratively in the community to provide students with Cleary University, The Laundry, Lake Trusthands on and engaging experiences!