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Read about "Earth from Space" and the NASA connection!

Arthur Secunda, an artist noted for his sophisticated use of color, served as “Color Visualization consultant” to NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) in Beltsville, MD.

At GSFC, Secunda worked with Dr. Milton Halem, who then headed the Earth and Space Computing Division, which included a Scientific Visualization Branch. Scientists were striving to display data captured in non- visible wavelength in visual images that would convey significant information and also excite imagination of viewers. Secunda provided uniquely important insights to help address this challenge.

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Read about the October 2013 Grand Opening!

The canvas, “Metamorphosis: From Darkness to Light” is a 65 foot long by 9.5 foot high painting on canvas, which was created during March and April 2013. It is a collaborative painting by Arthur Secunda and his close friend, Joseph Breton.

The canvas was conveyed to the Arthur Secunda Museum Oct. 13, during the grand opening celebration for the Arthur Secunda Museum at Cleary University. It occupies a now highly visible and prominent location in the Johnson Center at Cleary University.

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Read our Strategic Plan 2014-2015

The museum board focuses on the mission and vision when setting policy for the museum. Strategic objectives and goals are included in this document to guide us into the next three years.

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Earth from Space
Metamorphosis: From Darkness to Light