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How It Works & What It Means For You

Cleary University’s EDv@nce subscription model is unique, and unlike anything currently available for adult online learners. If you’ve attended college prior to now, it’s also very different from how you’ve traditionally paid for college. It’s important that you read the information below, along with the full EDv@nce Financial Terms and Conditions to understand how EDv@nce works and what it means for you.

EDv@nce Is A Monthly Subscription Model

As a subscription, when you accept the EDv@nce Financial Terms and Conditions, you are a part of the program and are responsible for paying your monthly subscription until you cancel, per the terms in the agreement.

If you’re a first-time enrollee, you have a 72-hour window to cancel after having accepted the terms and conditions. Current students can cancel 30 days prior to the start of the next billing cycle. You can cancel in writing by contacting your advisor. Please note that withdrawing from a course(s) does not mean you are withdrawing from EDv@nce, and it does not trigger a cancellation of your EDv@nce subscription. You are responsible for notifying Cleary University of your desire to discontinue the program. No one will end your participation in EDv@nce without your express written consent – even when you graduate! Many of our students continue on at Cleary University after a single credential is earned.

EDv@nce Subscription Levels

EDv@nce’s monthly subscription levels are one of its unique features. Not only do you pay monthly instead of in one lump sum, but you also choose the level at which you are most comfortable.  We offer the a Professional Subscription Level for undergraduate level certificates and degrees and the Enterprise Level for graduate certificate degrees.

Your subscription to EDv@nce grants you access to a certain number of courses per term depending on the subscription level you choose. Subscriptions start at $300 a month for two courses per semester at the undergraduate level, $500 at the graduate level.  It is important to note that you can only change subscription levels between semesters, and in order to change levels you must provide 30 days written notice prior to the start of the next billing cycle to your academic advisor. Please visit our EDv@nce subscription/tuition page for details on the subscription levels, and our full EDv@nce Financial Terms and Conditions for more information.

Payment Period & Billing Cycle

You are responsible for paying your monthly subscription by the 15th of each month. Payment received after the 15th is assessed a late fee of $25.00.  Even if your classes begin at the end of the month, because this is a monthly subscription, you must pay your bill by 15th of that month to avoid being assessed a late fee. In addition, even if you are not taking classes, you must pay your monthly subscription unless you choose to cancel the program. If you choose to cancel the program, you are responsible for any accrued monthly charges at the time of cancellation. As stated earlier, you are permitted to cancel in writing with a 30 day notification.

Setting Up Your EDv@nce Monthly Subscription Payment

First-time enrollees must set up their automatic payment for regular monthly billing. You will receive an email from Cleary University with details on how to set up the monthly subscription payment once your first monthly invoice has been posted.  Payment options include automatic withdrawal from a checking/savings account (ACH) at no additional charge, or credit/debit cards that will incur a 2.75% convenience fee.

Financial Aid and EDv@nce

Financial aid is available ONLY for those who qualify relative to course load and credit hour requirements as determined by federal financial aid guidelines. 

EDv@nce Summary

In summary, it is important that you read the entire EDv@nce Financial Terms and Conditions before enrolling in the program, and while in the program, so you stay on track academically and financially. If you’re a prospective student, your admissions representative can answer any questions about how EDv@nce works for you. Current students should direct any EDv@nce questions to their academic advisor.

We are excited to have you and your organization as a partner in the EDv@nce network.  We look forward to working with you directly to EDv@nce your career with Cleary University!

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