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Cleary University surveys graduates annually to determine their employment status upon graduation. Cleary follows the guidelines established by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) for defining the status of graduates.

The total number of graduates is measured by fiscal year and is defined as the number of students completing a degree program in the period between July 1 and June 30 of any given fiscal year.

Calculation of Employment Rate:

Graduates who are pursuing Continuing Education (furthering education and not seeking employment) and/or are considered Unavailable/Uncooperative (did not respond or have chosen not to pursue employment) will be subtracted from the total number of graduates. This is the total number of graduates available for employment.

The number of graduates who are employed (including working but actively seeking other employment) and the number of graduates who are not employed (Available) will be broken down into two numbers, With these totals, the graduate employment rate will be calculated using the below formula:

Total number of graduates available for employment minus Total number of graduates employed divided by Total number of graduates available for employment multiplied by 100 minus 100 equals The Graduate Employment Rate (percentage).

Example: 90 – 85 ÷ 90 X 100 – 100 = 95% Employment Rate

Total graduates = 100
Unavailable/Uncooperative = 5
Continuing Education = 5

Total graduates available for employment = 90
Graduates employed = 85
Graduates available, not employed = 5

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