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15 and Finish | Take at least 15 credits each semester

Research has shown that the payoffs for taking 15 credits per semester are immense:

  • Graduate in four years
  • Earn more money
  • Save money on tuition, housing, and reduced student loan debt

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Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor and see if you are eligible to take 15 credits.

Graduation Cap

Graduate In Four.

Taking 15 credits every semester is a smart way to stay on track and save money on college expenses. Research shows that the longer you stay in college, the less likely you are ever to graduate.  The formula is simple.

15 credits per semester = 4 years   12 credits per semester = 5 years


Dollar Bills Earn More Money

Earn More Money.

The numbers are in your favor to complete college and earn more money over your lifetime. On average, a business degree graduate will earn $46,000 per year.  That’s $13,000 more per year more than a person with no degree.  By taking 15 credits each semester puts you on track to start earning a salary sooner than those taking 5 years to complete their degree.


Piggy Bank

Save Money.

Tuition. Housing. Books.  Every year of college is expensive.  Taking 15 credits each semester and graduating in four years saves you money on tuition, housing, living expenses and a reduced loan debt.  In fact, block tuition pricing lets you take up to 18 credits for the same price as 12 credits.  By taking 15 credits, it’s like getting 3 credits for free!

Apply Your Athletic Scholarship.  As an athlete, your eligibility ends in four years and your athletic scholarship may end.  Many Cleary athletes benefit by taking 15 credits to graduate in four years and use their athletic scholarship towards their tuition bill.

Do the Math

Calculate and compare the overall costs of attending college over 4 years versus 5 years.

15 Credits Per Semester   12 Credits Per Semester
Tuition $70,000 Tuition $87,500
Room and Board $38,400 Room and Board $48,000
Books and Supplies $2,400 Books and Supplies $2,400
Other Expenses $8,000 Other Expenses $10,000
Total $118,800*   Total $147,400*

On Track Clock
On Track. On Time.

When taking 15 credits per semester, it’s very important to understand how to manage your class load, create a balanced schedule and stay on track.  Work with your academic advisor to map out a degree completion plan and stay on track. Your academic advisors are here to help.  They can help you:

– Manage your class load
– Create a balanced schedule of academics, work, sports, life events
– Get back on track if you have challenges
– Explain degree requirements and course selection

Semester Schedule

Need to catch up?  Earning credits over the summer semester can help you earn your degree in fewer semesters.  Summer classes can help you catch up if you are unable to take 15 credits in the fall or spring semesters.  Ask your academic advisor about summer course availability.

Degree Completion Plans

Below are 4-year Degree Completion Plans to help you stay on track to graduate in 4 years.

Business Analytics
Business Management
Accounting and Finance (CMA Track)
Event, Sport, and Promotion Management
Health Care Management
Hospitality Management
Human Resource Management
International Business Management
Intradisciplinary Business Studies
Public Accounting (CPA Track)


***Costs were calculated using block pricing $8,750 per semester X 8 semesters = $70,000+ Cleary room and board costs $4,800 per semester X 8 semesters = $38,400 + Book and Supplies estimated at $300 per semester X 8 semesters = $2,400 + Other expenses estimated at $1,000 per semester X 8 semester = $8,000.