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Attention all students

In 2017, apartments will close from April 24 (following student move-out) to May 1, and again from August 14 to August 22.

This is not your typical residence hall or drab dorm room.

Each fully furnished semi-private suite has its own bedroom and bath, and shares a common area complete with a full kitchen and spacious living/dining area. High-quality finishes and stylish furnishings distinguish each room. Convenience is built in: you can walk out the door and into class, and the fitness center, dining and student services center are close by. Living on campus makes your life easier, and you’ll feel more connected to other students who share your focus on a business career.

What Parents Should Know

Cleary University provides a safe environment that allows students to focus on the reason they go to college – to learn. A full-time, live-in residence director and student floor advisors will help students get adjusted after they move in and make the most of their campus experience. Cleary has a growing student life, which includes athletics, clubs, a welcome week business fair, homecoming festivities, and other special events. These social activities lead to new friendships and balance out the demands of a full academic schedule. Campus security is a high priority, and the housing complex has ample well-lit, secure parking. Outside campus, there are restaurants and major supermarkets within walking distance of campus.

The University requires any student under the age of 23 with 59 credits or less and have a home address that is 35 miles or more away from the Livingston Campus to live on-campus, to the extent that space is available, unless granted an exemption to this policy by the university administration.

All students residing in University Housing are required to retain their residence for the entire academic year, or remaining portion thereof, unless they withdraw from the University. Freshmen living more than 35 miles from campus will be given first preference for housing assignments. All others interested in residing in University Housing should apply as early as possible.

Space is limited! Complete your application today!

Important Notes
  • All students required by the Housing Policy to live on campus must submit a Housing Application and pay the $100 application fee at time of registration but no later than May 1. No application will be processed without payment.
  • Housing waivers can be submitted for any student required to live on campus but believes they have cause for an exception. Waivers are not guaranteed but must be approved by the Housing Council for the University. Waivers will be reviewed by July 1 each year and students will be notified not later than July 20 with the Council’s approval or denial of the waiver request.
  • Any student required to live on campus that has not submitted a housing application or waiver form by July 25 will be automatically charged Room & Board plus application and $200 late fee.


Follow this link to complete your application for on-campus housing


Follow this link to submit a request for a housing waiver.


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