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Welcome, International Students!

MBA Program with Required Practical Training

Cleary University, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, features an innovative, hands-on Masters of Business Administration curriculum that centers on practical and immediately-usable business skills. One way they do that is through curricular practical training opportunity in which international graduate students are allowed to work in a field related to their program of study. The guidelines for CPT can be found at:

Offered on ground for international students, the Master of Business Administration program at Cleary University is designed to prepare mid-career working adults for advancement to positions of increasing responsibility and leadership roles in business organizations. Work experience and undergraduate academic preparation in any major qualifies individuals for this program to develop advanced competencies in problem solving, technical analysis, and interpersonal skills required for effective leadership and management.


*Professional Experience Required | Curricular Practical Training included.

Cambodia-2For students who hold a 3 year diploma, or equivalent, or who do not have four-year degree in a business related field desirous of enhancing their business understanding and knowledge, Cleary University offers the Certificate in Graduate Business Foundations.

The Certificate in Graduate Business Foundations provides students with the prerequisite coursework necessary for success in the Cleary University MBA program. This “bridge” program will serve to enhance the students understanding of business and analytical content and provide an additional session of study prior to integration with students with their four-year degree counterparts in the Management and Healthcare Leadership MBA programs respectively.

Types of Employment Available at Cleary University:

• On-campus paid employment: Up to 20 hours per week, beginning in the first semester.
• Off-campus Curricular Practical Training or internships: Up to 40 hours per week of off-campus paid employment starting after one semester of study. The guidelines provided by SEVIS at are strictly followed.
• Off-campus unpaid internships: Employment for training purposes only.


This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students.

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