Cleary University Gap Tour

Dr. Awadi (left), Mr. Chris Black (second to left) and the MBA Cohorts.

Days before the Thanksgiving holiday, Dr. Ali Awadi’s MBA-Operations Management class takes a tour through the 1.1 million square foot distribution center for the GAP GPS (Global Supply Chain) in Columbus, Ohio. The tour began with an open question and answer session with Chris Black, MBA and Vice President of Global Operations for the GAP. Soon after, the students entered the mammoth warehouse as Mr. Black explained how the ‘flow’ of operations transpires as product from national and international distributors enters the facility. The students were amazed with the technology and the interdependency of the entire process flow throughout the warehouse. One student said “This is amazing, I would compare this education to U of M’s Ross Business school. We should have a tour for each course.”

Dr. Awadi added that learning is the classroom is crucial but physically being a part of the process is just as important. Dr. Awadi anticipates this will be the start of a movement that will be incorporated within the Cleary University MBA program.

“Tours that focus on the subject matter of the course bring life to the theories we discuss in the classroom.” said Dr. Awadi.