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MBA – Health Care Leadership

MBA-HCLSignificant changes the global health care industry have increased the need for dynamic problem solvers and leaders who can manage and motivate a diverse workforce in order to deliver quality outcomes, sound business practices and enhanced patient care.

Today, the health care industry demands more of its leaders than ever before: deep understanding of economics, finance and budget control, health policy, information management systems, patient satisfaction, ethics and legal issues and inter-professional collaboration, as well as how all of these element work in concert together to produce effective results.


The Cleary MBA in Health Care Leadership prepares students to use critical thinking and problem-solving skills, assess ethical decision-making in the health care environment, practice applicable management strategies and apply cross departmental and business communication skills to health care industry business situations.

Project work is an essential component of this program to ensure practical application and value for students. Most project work is done in virtual team settings, mirroring contemporary business practices. Graduates are able to apply collaboration, strategic thinking, and critical analysis processes to strategic business challenges and opportunities.


Courses can be completed on-ground or 100% online


Available to all matriculated students.


22 months


33 credit hour program consists of 11 courses. Students are enrolled year-round in one 7-week course at a time (two courses per 15-week semester.) There is a one week break between each course to ensure focus and manageability of the program of study.


Students admitted to the program will take courses together throughout the duration of the program. This creates several distinct advantages of group
membership, networking and consistency during graduate study which are intentionally fostered in the program.




Financial and Managerial Accounting 3
Financial Management 3
Law and Ethics 3
Management and Organizational Leadership 3
Managerial Economics 3
Quantitative Management Analysis 3
Strategic Management 3
Strategic Marketing Management 3
Health Policy Law and Ethics* 3
Health Quality Management* 3
Survey of Global Leadership* 3

Total Credit Hours:


Program Cost: $30,360
*Denotes Concentration|Major Course

Cleary University is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students. Information provided is accurate at the time of production. Please see the full Academic Catalog on our website for complete degree and course information. Cleary reserves the right to change academic programs, policies, regulations, fees and calendars without notice.

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