With the first days of classes at our new Detroit Education Center quickly approaching, we are excited to highlight some of the essential leaders who have been integral to making this a reality and will continue to help the center and community flourish. We are eager to see the city of Detroit and our new campus grow as we move forward in partnership with the historic Little Rock Baptist Church.
“My personal vision and passion has always been to strengthen the community through salvation, education, and economics. This exciting partnership with Cleary University helps to realize this vision by bringing valuable and practical learning opportunities to the heart of the City, right here at the Detroit Education Center,” Reverend Holley said.


Dr. Marlo Rencher

Dr. Marlo Rencher, Vice President, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Diversity, will oversee and direct strategy for the Detroit Education Center. Dr. Rencher has a background in small business development and has previously served as the executive director of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Cleary University as well as faculty chair of the University’s entrepreneurship department.


Dr. Lynda K. Jeffries

Dr. Lynda K. Jeffries will be the Site Director for the Detroit Education Center. She has an extensive corporate background in human resources and performance assurance.

Dr. Jeffries consults in diversity, inclusion, conflict resolution, team building, performance management, and executive coaching. She has a particular passion for assisting organizations in capacity building and leadership development.
Their combined passions and talents will support the growth and good of the Detroit Education Center. We look forward to classes starting January 9.