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President’s Message

Together we are BUSINESS STRONG!


Cleary University President Jayson Boyers.

Cleary University President Jayson Boyers.

Jayson Boyers, Cleary University President

For more than 130 years Cleary University has been committed to the mission of enriching students’ lives through the knowledge, skills, and credentials that advance careers.

Cleary University’s historic connection to business and practical career development position it to further transform communities, industries, and students’ lives through an interactive business focused education. We are passionate about business and are confident in our ability to dramatically influence the talent development and economic impact of those whom we engage.

We have been afforded a great foundation upon which to build and expand the mission of this fine institution. Innovations and opportunity go hand-in hand and we are in a dynamic position to do great things, both close to home and across the globe. We are poised to leverage our talented staff, students, and resources to reach further than we have reached before.

Cleary has and continues to experience great change and we are not yet done. We have witnessed that change in the reintroduction of a nationally recognized athletics program, on-campus housing, international graduate programs, and the expansion of our Strategic Business Partner program to include custom organizational and industry specific programming. This is just the start and we are excited about what lies ahead.

We are committed to our students and our focus will not waiver. The success of Cleary University students and graduates is our success. Our future is very bright!

Jayson M. Boyers


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