Media of Arthur Secunda

John Sauve, of Art Design, interviewed Cleary University President Tom Sullivan and Secunda Museum benefactor Ed Wall to discuss the works of Arthur Secunda.

You can see the video of the full interview here  Sullivan/Wall Interview .

Chris Holman, of Business Beat, interviewed the museum program director, Grace Farley, on Michigan Business Network.

You can hear the audio of the interview here Farley Interview

Learn more about Arthur Secunda and his unique style of art by viewing the videos listed below. These videos provide some insight into Arthur's passion of art and what has inspired him to make such a comprehensive and beautiful collection of artwork.

These videos also help bridge the connection between the importance of art in relation to business as seen at Cleary University's Arthur Secunda Museum. Enjoy!

Arthur Secunda and Joseph Breton at the 2013 Grand Opening
A view of Metamorphosis: From Darkness to Light
Correspondence Art sent by Futzie Nutzle to Arthur Secunda