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Student Resources

IT Support | 517.338.3019 |

Moodle, Email, Technical Support

Academic Advising | Faculty Portal

Each student is assigned an academic advisor following his/her initial registration. Contact your advisor regarding course registrations, course withdrawal, or academic concerns

Academic Tutoring | Student Success Center

Academic tutoring is free of charge to students (1 hr/wk). Tutor contact information is available via Moodle in the Student Success Center classroom.

Bookstore | 517.338.3043 |

Questions regarding textbooks or textbook resources

Business Office | 517.338.3320 |

Questions regarding tuition, tuition payment

Career Development | 800-686-1883 Ext. 1556 |

Questions regarding career development, internships, career advice

Counseling Office | 517.338.3012 | Chris Cassidy,

Student counseling concerns

Financial Aid | 517.338.3015 |

Questions regarding financial aid and scholarships

Records | 517.338.3328 |

Questions regarding transcripts, diplomas

Student Clubs

Clubs are fun and informative, student-directed, staff/faculty mentored, and meet on campus monthly.

Student Ombudsman | 517.338.3012 |

The Office of the Ombudsman assists students with complaints against the university after routine resolution has failed. The Ombudsman’s Office is a neutral third party, advocating neither for the student nor for the university. Its objective is to bring resolution to any complaint as quickly as possible.

Student Portal

Web portal for students to access class schedule, review grades, financial aid, tuition, and transcript

University Library | Jane Ellen Innes |

To meet the needs of our students, all essential resources are available online, 24 hours a day via the Cleary Online Library.


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