Online Career Training Certificates

The Cleary University Online Career Training Certificate Programs offered through ed2go, cover a variety of disciplines to help you enhance and expand your professional profile.

These fully online, self-paced programs are available for enrollment anytime and are NWLB voucher-eligible. Please note that many financial aid programs including the Strategic Business Partnership Tuition Grant cannot be used for these certificate programs.

Click the links below for program descriptions, or visit the online certificates program page to register!

Healthcare and Fitness

Code Program
CERT 001 Administrative Medical Specialist with Medical Billing and Coding
CERT 002 Advanced Hospital Coding and CCS Prep
CERT 003 Certified Indoor Environmentalist - Certification Preparation Program
CERT 004 Emergency Management Training for First Responders
CERT 005 ICD-10 Medical Coding: Preparation and Instruction for Implementation
CERT 006 Medical Billing and Coding
CERT 007 Medical Transcription
CERT 008 Nutrition for Optimal Health, Wellness, and Sports
CERT 031 Administrative Medical Specialist with Medical Billing and Coding + Medical Terminology
CERT 032 Advanced Coding for the Physician’s Office
CERT 033 Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer
CERT 034 Certified National Pharmaceutical Representative
CERT 036 Fitness Business Management
CERT 037 Medical Billing and Coding + Medical Terminology
CERT 038 Medical Terminology
CERT 039 Medical Transcription + Medical Terminology
CERT 040 Personal Fitness Trainer
CERT 041 Personal Training and Group Exercise Training for Older Adults

Business and Professional

Code Program
CERT 012 Chartered Tax Professional
CERT 013 Entrepreneurship: Start-Up and Business Owner Management
CERT 014 Event Management and Design
CERT 015 Project Management
CERT 016 Search Engine Optimization
CERT 017 Six Sigma Green Belt
CERT 018 Travel Agent Training
CERT 045 Administrative Professional with Microsoft Office 2007 Master
CERT 046 Certified Global Business Professional
CERT 048 Emergency Management Training for First Responders
CERT 050 Grant Writing
CERT 051 Lean Mastery
CERT 052 Legal Secretary
CERT 053 Microsoft Access 2007
CERT 054 Microsoft Excel 2007
CERT 055 Microsoft Outlook 2007
CERT 056 Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
CERT 057 Microsoft Word 2007
CERT 058 Microsoft Office 2007 Master
CERT 060 Microsoft Office Specialist 2007
CERT 061 Microsoft Windows Vista
CERT 062 Paralegal
CERT 063 Pay Per Click Marketing
CERT 065 Professional Bookkeeping with QuickBooks 2010
CERT 067 Search Engine Marketing
CERT 069 Senior Certified Sustainability Professional
CERT 070 Six Sigma Black Belt
CERT 071 Technical Writing

Computers and Technology

Code Program
CERT 020 Cisco(R) CCNA(R) Certification Training
CERT 021 CompTIA? A+ Certification Training
CERT 022 CompTIA? Network+ Certification Training
CERT 023 CompTIA? Security+ Certification Training
CERT 024 Forensic Computer Examiner
CERT 073 AutoCAD 2011
CERT 074 AutoCAD 2011 With AutoCAD 3D
CERT 075 AutoCAD 3D
CERT 076 AutoCAD 3D, Software Included
CERT 082 Help Desk Analyst: Tier 1 Support Specialist
CERT 083 Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Enterprise Desktop Support Technician 7 (MCITP)
CERT 084 Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Server Administrator (MCITP)
CERT 085 Microsoft Certified System Administrator 2003 (MCSA)
CERT 086 Microsoft Microsoft Certified System Administrator Plus 2003 (MCSA+)
CERT 087 Microsoft Certified System Engineer 2003 (MCSE)
CERT 089 Microsoft Web Developer
CERT 090 RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) on the Web
CERT 092 Webmaster

Management and Corporate

Code Program
CERT 028 Principles of Green Buildings
CERT 094 Management for IT Professionals
CERT 095 Management Training
CERT 096 Non-Profit Management
CERT 097 Payroll Practice and Management
CERT 099 Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
CERT 100 Records Management Certificate

Skilled Trades and Industrial

Code Program
CERT 029 Home Inspection Certificate
CERT 106 Certified Indoor Air Quality Manager

Media and Design

Code Program
CERT 114 Graphic Design With Photoshop CS5 Training

Hospitality and Service Industry

Code Program
CERT 119 Certified Wedding Planner

Sustainable Energy and Going Green

Code Program
CERT 120 Biofuel Production Operations
CERT 121 Certified Green Supply Chain Professional
CERT 123 Wind Energy Professional