It’s Time To Make A Change

In this always-changing job market, now is the time to motivate yourself to finish or start that degree you’ve been thinking about. Becoming Business Strong is well worth the hard work. It elevates you on the employability list and sets you up for a better future. Whether you want to take a few classes or finish your degree online, you should take the initiative and become Business Strong for you.

What does Business Strong mean?

Business Strong means taking control. It means getting yourself hire-worthy. It means getting that promotion and dream job you worked so hard for. Being Business Strong is being successful in what you do. Cleary University enables you to be strong. Being a Cleary University student is full of great advantages. We have gathered a few just for you.

Greater chance at employment

Being Business Strong gives you a better chance at getting employed. Whether it’s before or after you graduate, you will have a higher chance to be employed by a company than if you were not to finish your degree. According to the National Center for Education Statistics in 2015, the employment rate for those with a bachelor’s degree or higher was higher than the rate for those with some college but no bachelor’s degree (89 vs. 76 percent). The employment rate for those with some college was higher than the rate for those who had completed high school (67 percent), which was, in turn, higher than the employment rate for those who had not finished high school (51 percent).

More knowledge of skill area

A range of activities, resources and opportunities are available to help you develop your skills in many different areas and even in your career choice. You gain experience in the workplace, social settings, understanding information and the ability to put it into action. This can be really helpful and will be used for the rest of your career after you graduate. You will stand out from the crowd with your already established knowledge of your work and will be more valuable to a company.


The world of business is more competitive than it has ever been. There are many new requirements that employers look for that weren’t as important as they use to be. Education and degrees are on the rise of being the most essential asset of employment. Being Business Strong can take you a lot farther and build a strong future for you. It will make you more competitive and able to get a job over someone who doesn’t have one at all.

Education allows you to potentially earn more money

With a Business Strong degree by your side you will have a higher chance to make more money than you would with only a high school diploma. Employers will look at your Business Strong education as a positive addition and a way for them to make more money through your knowledge. Also, with this knowledge you can get that job that pays more for your skills. It will be worth the earnings you can achieve.

Unemployment periods between jobs and overall unemployment rates are lower

Being Business Strong can make facing unemployment a lower possibility. This means less worrying because Cleary University will make it  easier for you to stay employed between jobs and able to find the best job for you.

Your job will be more stable

Stability is key to success and we all want it. By completing your degree and becoming Business Strong your job will be more stable and reliable.

You’re more likely to enjoy your job

Because you chose to be Business Strong you will have a more stable and reliable job, you will most likely enjoy your job more.

You’ll have more options

Another positive will be that you will have more options as to what job you can choose because you will be one step higher in the competition.

You’ll have better benefits

With your degree comes more benefits that a company can offer you to help you along the way, in addition to your pay.


Finally, with a Cleary business education, you get a sense of accomplishment and pride in yourself. You completed a goal and placed yourself in a better position than you were before. You get to be proud of yourself ,your skills and  your abilities.

It’s your future, take the step

To boost your education and experience the Business Strong journey, visit our enrollment page or call 800.686.1883. We offer courses both on-campus and online, day and night to help you reach your goals and dream careers.