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C.E.O. 101

How It Works & What It Means for You

Cleary University’s C.E.O. is unique, and unlike anything currently available for adult online learners. If you’ve attended college prior to now, it’s also very different from how you’ve traditionally paid for college. It’s important that you read the information below, along with the full C.E.O. Financial Terms and Conditions to understand how C.E.O. works and what it means for you

C.E.O. Is an Exclusive Block Pricing Tuition Benefit

As a subscription, when you accept the C.E.O. Financial Terms and Conditions, you are a part of the program and are responsible for paying your semester tuition until you withdraw from an academic program.

Tuition Payment Period and Options

Tuition balance equals full tuition less scholarships, financial aid, loans, and tuition assistance. Statements are viewable/payable through your student portal at https://students.cleary.edu. You will need your student identification number (provided by your advisor) to access the student portal. Payment options current as of February 2017.

Option 1 Paid-in-Full:

Total balance due on account at the time of registration for that semester.

Option 2 50/50 Plan:

A payment of one-half of the current tuition is due at the time of registration for that semester. Payment of the remaining balance is due 30 days after the start of the semester. The finance cost for this option is $45 per semester.

Option 3 Three-Payment Plan:

A payment of one-third of the current tuition is due at the time of registration for that semester. Second payment is due 30 days into the semester; final payment is due 60 days into the semester. Students must provide a credit card for automatic payment processing of this plan. Account must be fully paid by the 8th week of the semester. The finance cost for this option is $50 per semester.

Option 4 Tuition Voucher:

If the student provides a tuition voucher at the time of registration, Cleary University will invoice the student’s employer directly for approved tuition. There is no finance cost for this option.

Financial Aid and C.E.O.

Financial aid is available ONLY for those who qualify relative to semester course load and credit hour requirements as determined by Federal Financial Aid guidelines.

C.E.O. Summary

In summary, it is important that you review the entire C.E.O. Financial Terms and Conditions before enrolling in the program, and while in the program, so you stay on track academically and financially. If you’re a prospective student, your admissions representative can answer any questions about how C.E.O. works for you. Current students should direct any C.E.O. questions to their academic advisor.

We are excited to have you and your organization as a partner in the C.E.O. Network.  We look forward to working with you directly to advance your career with Cleary University!

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