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How are Cleary’s online courses different from the free open source courses I can access through the Internet?

Massively open online courses or MOOCs typically feature “massive” participation, completion rates are typically very low and the vast majority do not offer an option for academic credit. At Cleary University, we do online “right.” You will benefit from individualized attention from faculty and develop close relationships with fellow students as you interact and create a wide network of professional contacts.

Faculty presence can truly be felt in the online environment: students receive timely and engaging responses to their online discussion posts, which are the heart of the collaborative learning approach. Cleary University’s online teaching is supportive and respectful of every student, and draws out the unique contributions of each. Additionally, students are offered a full college experience with associated access to all student services (i.e. advising, library resources, career services, IT support and disability services).

How do I enroll?

Your organization will notify all employees of Cleary C.E.O. program benefits. You will be invited to participate in an exclusive block pricing tuition model, a new employee benefits program that will provide you with access to online (only) undergraduate and graduate degree programs. You will be eligible for this significant educational benefit regardless of whether or not your employer already provides tuition reimbursement. If your employer does provide tuition reimbursement benefits, the cost to you will be further reduced.

Is there an application and acceptance process? How do I register?

Yes.  There is an application and acceptance process. You must meet the regular admissions policies and procedures of Cleary University. If you are seeking a bachelor’s degree or certificate you must be admitted through the School of Graduate and Professional Studies; Your organization’s representative at Cleary University will guide you through the appropriate process.

When do classes start?

When you are ready to begin we are ready to help you enroll. With six start dates throughout the year, it is easy to get on your personalized education pathway.

Are there certain times I must log on to participate?

Once enrolled, log in anytime, from any Internet connection (broadband access recommended). Read lectures, post responses on the discussion board, receive feedback and submit assignments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. A tutorial is available for learners new to online education.

Does the program include all undergraduate and graduate degrees?

Yes.  This program includes the online programs offered by Cleary University.  This block pricing model provides access to any eligible online certificate, undergraduate or graduate degree program and major respectively.

Does Cleary C.E.O. tuition block pricing include all expenses?

No. The exclusive block pricing tuition covers the cost of tuition only. Fees for books or other fees (if applicable) are separate.

How many classes can I take at a time?

That depends on how important time to completion is to you.  Students who participate in Cleary C.E.O. can enroll in up to 13 credits per semester at the exclusive block tuition pricing rate for your organization.  That equals up to 39 credits (approx. 13) classes per year.

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