What if we told you your past and even current work and life experiences could earn you significant college credits? Would that be enough to push you to finish or begin your degree? We sure hope so!

Chances are, you’ve acquired some high-level knowledge, as well as a few specialized skills. Whether that be at work or in life, earning college credits for prior experience is real! Most businesses provide training programs for incoming employees to ensure they have the necessary knowledge to do their job. Facing and overcoming on-the-job adversities, means you’ve already developed valuable skills.

At Cleary University, we understand that not all learning happens in the classroom. Some of the greatest knowledge comes from hands-on encounters with the real world. That’s why we offer to waive up to one full year of applicable college credits for your past work and life experience. Students at Cleary University can earn up to 30 undergraduate credits at no additional cost for their previous involvement in a variety of areas, including:

  • Employment
  • Workplace Training
  • Military Service
  • Volunteer Work
  • Travel
  • Participation in Professional Organizations
  • And much more!


By offering credit for your past real-world experiences, your college tuition just got much more affordable! With Cleary University’s credit opportunity, you could save thousands on your education!

Visit our website to learn more about how you can save money on your degree and receive real college credit for your past work-life experiences. Contact our admissions office at 800.686.1883. If you need any assistance or if you’ve already made up your mind, click here to apply to Cleary University today!