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Cleary University Housing Application Fee

Payment Form

Housing Policy

To apply to live on campus at the Cleary University Livingston Campus, please complete this application.  You must acknowledge that you have read and understand the Housing Policy.
Acknowledgment of Housing Fee

A limited amount of housing space is available for those student requesting on-campus accommodations.  Housing contracts will be accepted on a space-available basis.  Contracts that are received after on-campus housing is filled will be placed on the on-campus housing wait list.

CLEARY Student Housing Contract (“Contract”):  The Student Housing Contract is a financially and legally binding contract between the Cleary University and a prospective or enrolled student who is and intends to remain enrolled.  It is a contract for the use of space and all terms including length of contract, cancellation terms and other terms set forth will be enforced.  (Special Status Students are housed upon approval by the Department.) Any alterations by the student to the terms contained in the contract will neither be honored nor deemed valid without specific written approval from the Director of Housing recognizing acceptance of and identifying the proposed alterations. By signing the Contract, electronically or otherwise, the student is acknowledging notice of all of the Student Housing Contract terms.

1. Application Fee: Upon submission of this application, the student account will be assessed a non-refundable application fee of $100.  Assessment of this fee does not imply the contract is complete or that the student has been approved. Once this form is completed you will be redirected to a payment page for your student housing application fee.  Once your fee is paid and accepted you will receive the Cleary University Student Housing Contract.  The Student Housing Contract must be completed to be considered for a room assignment. 
2. Length of Contract: The contract dates covered by these terms, conditions, and responsibilities are Spring 2021 OR Fall 2021 semester thru Spring 2022 semester.  The dates for each semester are available on the Cleary website at Cleary.edu. 
3. Effective Date: The contract, when appropriately submitted with required application payment, becomes effective upon the date of assignment and it remains valid until the end of the contract period. Once assigned, the student is fully responsible for all required payments and lawful charges as set forth in the contract including all cancellation costs. Students are responsible for printing their own copy(ies) of the contract.
4. Meal Plan Requirement: All Residential students residing on campus are required to purchase a meal plan.  More information on meal plan options can be found at Cleary.edu
5. Agreement:  By signing this agreement, the student hereby contracts for a space in a Cleary University Student Housing building and agrees to room charges and meal plan at the rates established by the University. By signing this agreement, the student understands this agreement may not be terminated unless the student withdraws from the University. All students not abiding by the residence requirement are still subject to room and board charges. More specific housing regulations and policies are contained in the Student Housing Handbook.
Acknowledgment of Housing Application Fee Policy

Student Information

Student Information

Housing Application Fee

Once you click submit, you will be redirected to pay your $100 Application Fee.  Your application will NOT be processed unless this fee is paid. 

When you have completed your payment click on "Return to Merchant" as shown below and a link will be provided to you in order to complete your housing application and housing preferences

You MUST complete the second half of the application by clicking the link or your housing application will NOT be processed
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