Returning to school as an adult is one of the best, yet probably one of the most nerve-wracking, decisions you will ever make.  Whether you are seeking to increase your salary, find job security or start a new career, Cleary University offers an equal opportunity learning environment for all ages.

As an adult, returning to school can be daunting. But fear not. When you take the next step of continuing your degree with Cleary, you are opening doors that may have seemed impossible before.

Benefits our adult graduates see are:

  1. Promotion
  2. New career opportunities
  3. Pay raise
  4. Job security & added responsibilities
  5. Satisfaction of finishing your degree

The opportunities resulting from a Cleary degree are endless. Walking across the stage at graduation will be one of the most rewarding moments in your life.

Tips to Prepare for Your Return

Prioritize Your Commitments

At this stage in your life, you are probably set in a routine that doesn’t include much spare time.  Finishing your degree is going to take time and dedication outside of the classroom so keep your school work and studies prioritized. It’s going to be an adjustment, but once you clear the time in your schedule, your new routine (which includes education) will feel like it’s been that way all along.

Gather a Strong Support Network

College is a stressful time for anyone, regardless of age. It is designed to challenge you and get you thinking differently. Between classes and studying, on top of your other commitments, it is important to have friends and family that can encourage you to stay in it when things start to get a little crazy.

Stay Focused on the Big Picture

This may be easier said than done, considering the amount of responsibilities adult students have going on in their life.  Keeping your “eye on the prize” will help motivate you to keep working towards that degree. We recommend our students invest in a planner to track important dates, take notes, stay on track with class syllabuses and manage their time.

At Cleary we offer options that will fit perfectly into everyone’s schedule. We have online and on-campus courses that run day and night that will make prioritizing school much easier. So if you’re ready to take the leap and finish your degree contact us today to get started!

Lastly, are you involved in public service? If so Cleary University understands the sacrifices and courage that public service requires. This is why we have developed the Courage and Service Tuition Program, a public service education pricing program for all undergraduate and graduate degrees offered by Cleary University. This program is a significant give back to those who give so much to our community.

Apply online or call us at 800.686.1883 to speak with one of our admissions representatives.