Housing Acceptance Criteria

Policy Summary:

Housing services are provided to support learners in the pursuit of higher education. Housing services shall be administered in accordance with the Cleary University mission, vision, values, and beliefs with a focus on student success. This policy provides clear expectations for all students applying for and residing in housing at Cleary University.


The policy applies to all current and prospective residents of Cleary University Housing, as well as the staff responsible for administering related policies and procedure.

Policy Statement:

Traditional Residents: It is the responsibility of all students who desire to live in Student Housing to submit the required documentation and fees in advance of residence. In order to be eligible for campus housing, students must:

  • Be 18 years of age by the end of their first year.
  • For the initial admission decision an applicant must demonstrate academic eligibility to be enrolled in a full-time course load including college-level courses.
  • Enroll in and maintain a full-time academic schedule in line with a student’s declared program of study; including electives and distance learning classes only as approved by an advisor.
  • Submit all required paperwork included in a fully executed housing contract.
  • Pay all housing charges as scheduled.

Following the assignment of all students who have completed housing applications by July 1st of each year, additional students will be assigned based on their date of application. This includes any students belonging to specialty populations listed above.

Emergency housing criteria includes students who self-identify that they do not have dependable, safe housing. This is inclusive of physical and psychological safety. Determinations on these situations are handled on a case by case basis and decided by the Director of Housing.

Professional Judgment/Exceptions: The Director of Housing is responsible for maintaining, monitoring and advancing the application process in all stages. The Director shall establish and operate under a defined set of procedures to assure the application approval process is maintained in a consistent manner. In rare instances the Director may use professional judgment based upon supporting documentation that demonstrates the likelihood of a unique situation and suggests that an exception to the admission criteria may be appropriate (e.g. loss of academic eligibility with special circumstances) A student has the right to appeal the decision of the Director in which case the non-academic appeal process would be followed. Provisional admittance may be granted with an approved educational plan and contract.

Assignment of Space: Assignment to Student Housing is made without regard to race, age, religion, color, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or veteran status. When possible, assignments are based on information provided by the applicant to enhance cohabitation success. Assignment of space shall be made exclusively to eligible applicants who have fully executed a housing contract.

Gender Inclusive Housing is a housing assignment option that allows students to live together in a suite, regardless of their sex, gender identity, gender expression or the sex, gender identity, gender expression of their suitemates. Gender inclusive housing assignments are allowed with the agreement of all residents sharing a suite and approval of the Assistant Director of Housing. Cleary University gender inclusive housing is not intended or approved for cohabitation of students in intimate partner relationships.

The College reserves the right to consolidate applicants into rooms to conserve space, fill any vacancy in a partially occupied living unit, and re-designate room capacity at any time. A resident/applicant may be assigned to another room or removed from University housing as a result of a violation of University policies including the Student Code of Conduct, Resident Guide policies or procedures, emergency, school closure, or whenever the best interests of the University appear to require such action. Assignment changes and/or room swaps may be considered on a case-by-case basis and shall be administered in accordance with approved procedures.

Cancellation of Housing Assignment: Assignment cancellation must occur within defined timelines and in accordance with approved procedures. To cancel a housing assignment, written notification must be sent to the Director of Housing either by letter or e-mail. In the event a student is suspended, removed from housing, or withdraws from the University, the Housing Cancellation policy still applies.

Continuing Eligibility: Eligibility monitoring and reporting is maintained by the Director of Housing. Criteria for remaining eligible throughout the school year include:

  • Maintenance of full-time enrolment (12 credits) status throughout the semester
  • Comply with the Cleary University Student Code of Conduct and local, state and federal laws.
  • Completed sanctions (where applicable). Students who do not meet eligibility requirements throughout the semester may be put on probation or removed from housing. A student placed on probation shall complete and comply with an education plan and contract.


  • Contract – A binding document that reflects the agreed upon responsibilities of both Cleary University and the applicant as it relates to living on campus in the housing units.
  • Room Swap- A mutually agreeable exchange of persons from one room to another with no displacement of residents, as approved and in accordance with housing procedures.
  • Room Change – A room reassignment of a student directed by either the institution or at the request of a student.
  • Eligible Applicant – A housing applicant who has completed all required paperwork, passed the criminal background check, submitted appropriate fees, and meets academic eligibility.

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