Housing Fee Policy

Policy Summary:

The purpose of this policy is to establish standard operations for students applying for and residing in housing at Cleary University. A non-refundable housing fee of $100 is required to live on campus.


The policy applies to all current and prospective residents of Cleary University Housing, as well as the staff responsible for administering related policies and procedure.


Cleary University Housing, North Hall and South.

The non-refundable housing fee at Cleary University is $100.00 and is due at the time that the student submits her/his contract.

If a student cancels his/her contract, there is an additional $300 cancellation fee.

Residents fill out a Room Condition Report and the beginning and end of the academic year (contract period). There are also monthly maintenance, health and safety checks of each suite. If a resident is found to have caused damage above normal wear and tear, he/she will be charged for those damages.

If a student residing on campus fails to meet the financial obligation for living on campus, that student is subject to be removed from housing.

Change Log:

Date of ChangeDescription of ChangeResponsible Party
9/1/2020Initial ReleaseJ. Cassell