Intercollegiate Athletics – Credit Card

Policy Summary:

This policy will provide oversight and guidance to the athletic department credit card holders. The credit cards shall be used to efficiently execute non-capital purchases. Capital purchases are items consisting of: furniture, fixtures, equipment, construction and/or renovation, ECT, valued at $250 or more. These cards are not intended to replace any approvals or authorizations that need to be made prior to making a purchase.


Cleary University will provide authorized athletic department employees with a credit card at the University’s expense to purchase goods and materials and/or University business travel, team travel,

Policy Statement:

Purchases are to be made by approved users for approved purchases with required supporting documentation and in accordance with Cleary University procedures.

Conditions of Use: Purchases may only be authorized by the person whose name appears on the credit card. Purchases must be within approved program budget and not identified as unauthorized. Purchases must be made in accordance with the University’s tax exempt status. Purchase, that are required to be mailed, must be delivered to the Cleary University 3750 Cleary Drive, Howell, MI 48843 to ensure appropriate inventory controls. Purchases made from Cleary University approved vendors shall be consistent with terms and condition agreements.

All purchases over $250, for one transaction, must be prior approved by the Athletic Director. Additionally, card users are required to use the Cleary University tax-exempt form on all purchases (tax ID: 38-1393841). Failure to use the credit card in accordance with the University’s policies including, but not limited to, conflict of interest, may result in the revocation of the credit card.

Policy violations include, but are not limited to:

  • Non-business expenditures. Alcohol, tobacco and/or controlled substances.
  • Failure to submit properly completed statements in a timely manner.
  • Unapproved capital equipment and upgrades (i.e. fixtures, equipment, furniture, construction and/or renovation, etc. valued at $250 or more)
  • Unapproved technology (i.e. cell phones, computers, accessories, etc.)
  • Withdraw of cash. Political contributions.
  • Repeatedly allowing sales tax to be charged when the purchases are tax exempt.
  • Rental agreements (Legacy Center Sports Complex, Total Sports Complex, Chemung Golf Course, etc.) Maintenance agreements.
  • Personal and/or professional associations and fees.
  • Splitting purchases to circumvent the purchasing policy requirement(s).

Misuse or Non-compliance: Cleary University may cancel a credit card for misuse or non-compliance with this policy and related procedures. The University shall seek restitution for any inappropriate charges made to the card. Fraudulent or intentional misuse of the card will result in revocation of the card, possible disciplinary action including termination and possible criminal charges.

Change Log:

Date of ChangeDescription of ChangeResponsible Party
5/1/2020Initial ReleaseH. Bateman