Intercollegiate Athletics

Policy Summary:

Cleary University offers a wide range of intercollegiate athletic opportunities designed to enhance the experience of our students. Participation in intercollegiate athletics is a privilege and not a right. The University’s’ sports program and student-athletes must meet academic and eligibility requirements established by the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA), and Wolverine Hoosier Athletic Association (WHAC) rule and requirements.


This policy applies to all NAIA, ACHA and WHAC sanctioned and Cleary University approved athletic programs, coaches, athletes and program administrators

Policy Statement:

Cleary University intercollegiate athletic program shall be administered in accordance with the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), and Cleary University policies/guidelines.

  • The Vice President and Dean of Student Affairs has oversight responsibility for all activities related to the administration of Cleary University’s intercollegiate athletic program. Day-to-day operational decisions are delegated to the Athletic Director. The Athletic Director shall render final approval of rules, practices and procedures related to the administration of the athletic program;

Recruiting: Athletic Department staff and coaches shall establish and maintain necessary competencies and written procedures necessary to assure compliance with NAIA rules and guidelines. Recruiting procedures shall specifically address:

 Assessment of recruit eligibility;

 Creating and issuing a Letter of Intent; and

 Record keeping. Administrative

Athletic Scholarship: Athletic scholarships shall be made on the recommendation of the Athletic Director and head coach. An athletic scholarship is a one-year agreement between the Cleary University Athletic Department and the student-athlete, which stipulates the amount of athletic financial aid that the student-athlete receives in return for his or her participation in an intercollegiate sport and the obligations of both parties after the agreement is signed.

Scholarship awards shall comply with the following:

 The athlete is an admitted and academically eligible student;

 Scholarship awards are exclusively granted for tuition; and

 Scholarships may not be used for housing, transportation, or other fees.

Eligibility: Current or prospective student-athletes must meet the eligibility requirements established by the NAIA, ACHA and/or WHAC in order to participate in intercollegiate athletics at Cleary University. Students must also adhere to CU’s policies and procedures including ongoing demonstration of good academic status and compliance with all athlete department policies.

Change Log:

Date of ChangeDescription of ChangeResponsible Party
5/1/2020Initial ReleaseH. Bateman