Student Life Planning & Participation

Policy Summary:

Cleary University is committed to the development and success of every student. Knowing that engagement of students outside the classroom deepens their learning and increases their likelihood for continued success, the Student Life Office is tasked with supporting student learning through various mediums of engagement. This may include but is not limited to programs, events, intramurals, maintaining spaces for student activity on campus, and advising the development of student organizations.


This policy applies to all Cleary University students and locations.

Policy Statement:

Cleary University offers students social and educational opportunities to enhance their learning experience and connect with peers. In cooperation with faculty, staff and University Departments; the Office of Student Life shall develop and deploy an annual plan for Student Life. Activities shall be offered at a variety of times and locations to accommodate student preferences, schedules, and needs.

The Associate Dean of Students shall assure development of related policies and procedures to assure the effective planning, implementation and assessment of the Student Life Office.

Participation: Cleary University’s nondiscrimination policy shall apply to all student life activities. Students may be excluded from participation in activities pursuant to disciplinary action in accordance with approved policy.

Student Government: Student Government members act as official representatives of the student body in matters needing joint student, faculty or administration consideration. The Student Government allocates funds to student organizations and sets appropriate standards and guidelines to ensure that the activities of all organizations adhere to college policy and its mission.

Change Log:

Date of ChangeDescription of ChangeResponsible Party
9/1/2020Initial ReleaseJ. Cassell