Jarod Ericksen

Esports Head Coach

Jarod Ericksen was hired in January of 2021 to create from scratch the new Esports Varsity program at Cleary University. Ericksen says he is grateful for this experience because he has the opportunity to take the Esports program and make it his own. League of Legends, Call of Duty Cold War and Super Smash Bros are some of the many games within the Esports league that Ericksen coaches.

Ericksen has a long history of coaching, including both soccer and Esports. Erickson started his coaching career when he was just 13 years old. Since then, he has served as the Head Coach at N1 Esports, a premier your Esports gym in the Chicago area.

Before his role at Cleary, Ericksen helped launch Waubonsee Community College’s first Esports team in the spring of 2020. Ericksen served as the first coach of Esports there, and his experiences there have given him lots of insight into his work at Cleary.

Ericksen says that “The level of excitement around campus about athletics is inspiring. If you play for one Cleary team, it is like you play for them all because each and every person wants you to succeed.”

The Esports office is currently located in the Wellness Center but will be moving to the Esports arena in Cleary Commons, after construction has finished. You are encouraged to reach Ericksen at jericksen@cleary.edu.