Matthew Oliver

Associate Dean of Students

Matthew Oliver loves interacting with students.

“To hear their stories and journeys that have brought them to this new launching point brings joy to my heart,” he says.

Oliver graduated from Lipscomb University with a B.A. in theology and a Master of Divinity in Biblical studies. He served as a pastor for Oak Harbor Church of Christ and South Lyon Church of Christ before joining Cleary as Director of Student and Spiritual Life.

In 2019, he became Associate Dean of Students.

“I really enjoy the people I get to work with,” he says. “The staff and faculty at Cleary are a collaborative group of servant leaders who are willing to come alongside anyone for the betterment of the students and the school.”

He believes business education has the power to transform people, families and communities.
          “It has the ability to train people to think and be creative in a profession that is intimately connected to the population,” he says.