A graduate degree from Cleary is a wise investment in your future

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James Bell

Alumnus, Entrepreneur

Cleary University

Business leaders agree Cleary produces high achievers

Earning a graduate degree at Cleary is a wise investment in your future. Business leaders agree that Cleary produces graduates from its master’s program who already are a step ahead of others. They are high achievers, critical thinkers and natural leaders, eager to advance their career and make a difference in the world.

Cleary University Ranked #5
Cleary University is ranked #5 in the nation for having one of the best online Bachelor's Degree programs in Business Management by  University HQ.
Top 5% for Debt to Income Ratio
In 2021, Cleary University was rated in the top 5 percent of ALL schools in the United States for its student debt ratio to starting salaries, as reported in The Wall Street Journal.

Cleary University

Cleary graduate starts app development company

When United Kingdom resident, James Bell, was offered a soccer scholarship at Cleary University, he jumped at the opportunity because it was far more cost effective than staying home in the UK.

“I quickly learned that affordability was just one of the many assets the university offered me. I was able to complete my bachelor’s degree, and one year later obtain a master’s degree because of the dual credit option Cleary offers.

“While studying at Cleary, I started my own app development business, thanks to the many skills I was taught: endurance, problem-solving, tenacity, logic, knowledge, creativity, innovativeness and persuasiveness.

“I always planned to be an entrepreneur and that was why Cleary was such a good fit for me. If you are looking for a university that is engaging and one that can help you develop in more ways than you can possibly imagine, Cleary is the place for you! I attribute my success to Cleary!”

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Cleary University

A Cleary degree sets you apart from your peers.

Graduates from Cleary’s master’s degree programs not only are high achievers, but they are critical thinkers and natural leaders, eager to advance their career and make a difference in the world.

Cleary’s MBA and MS programs are designed to develop students into insightful and influential employees who understand the “why” and “how” when making critical business decisions. Master’s degree students at Cleary are successful for many reasons, including the following:

  • They take learned leadership skills and expand them to drive and lead change through inspiring vision, creative thinking and wisdom
  • They know how to communicate effectively and persuasively in a rapidly changing global work world
  • They convert theory practice into sound business and industry decision-making practices
  • They understand the practical use and analysis of data to achieve desired business and industry outcomes
  • They know how to demonstrate smart and ethical business practices

Cleary’s faculty provide a supportive, highly communicative and excitingly challenging experience for students, whether you are studying in person or online. Instructors are committed to delivering academic excellence and will fully prepare graduate students for the next step in their career path with intellectual passion, purpose and possibilities.

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