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Earn your Master’s Degree in 2023!

Make 2023 a year of success with a degree from Cleary. In as little as 12 months, you can earn an MBA, Master of Science or graduate certificate 100% online! We make it quick, flexible and affordable!

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Cleary Alumni receive 30% scholarship

In addition to work life credit and financial aid opportunities, Cleary offers an alumni scholarship of 30 percent for students who earned their undergraduate degree from Cleary! Already considered one of the most affordable universities in the state, Cleary continues to find opportunities to help students obtain a degree with as little out-of-pocket costs as possible. That is why a Cleary financial advisor will work alongside you through the enrollment process.

Transfer up to 12 Credits to Cleary

Cleary University has a dedicated admissions team to help you get the most transfer college credits (up to 12), review your potential work-life credits, and connect you with financial aid, and provide the guidance and support you need every step of the way.

Cleary University Ranked #5
Cleary University is ranked #5 in the nation for having one of the best online Bachelor's Degree programs in Business Management by  University HQ.
Top 5% On The College Scorecard
Cleary University was rated in the top 5% of ALL schools in the United States for high starting salaries relative to student debt our student incur" as reported on the Department of Education's College Scorecard in the Wall Street Journal.

Cleary University

Cleary’s class schedule fits your schedule

We know your life is busy with work, family and the many daily demands most adults are trying to tackle. Finding time to complete your master’s degree may seem overwhelming, but at Cleary, we offer you the luxury of class flexibility and convenience. You fit coursework around your life. All classes are offered online, which means you never have to be on campus, and you can study anytime of the day – during your lunch hour at work, after the kids go to bed, before you go to work, weekends … it’s easier than you think to carve a few hours a week for your studies.

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Cleary Alumni receive priority enrollment and registration

As a Cleary alumnus, you will receive special concierge support and guidance to ensure every step of the enrollment and admissions process is easy, fast and stress-free. Contact us today to get started and complete your degree in 2023!

Cleary University

Cleary Student proclaims: "Life happens, but it's never too late to complete your degree."

Romel Alexander started working toward his bachelor’s degree in 1983, right after high school. “I had a lot of starts and stops. I kept saying I would go back, but life happens … a new job, a new relationship, promotions, marriage … Education falls down the list, and 35 years later, I still hadn’t completed my degree until I heard about Cleary.”

“My hesitation was not my aptitude or my ability; it was having the time to make a 100 percent commitment to be all in,” Romel says. “With my work responsibilities and my role as a caregiver to our parents, I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to focus 100 percent on my studies, and I did not want my routine disrupted. With the support of Cleary and how easy the school made the process for us, I was able to balance it all,” he says confidently.

“Anybody who is on the fence about returning to school, should do this,” Romel asserts. “Don’t give up on your dream. If you have the opportunity to go to Cleary to finish your degree, do it!”

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* Many professionals  have access to tuition reimbursement through their employer, scholarships and other grants which may substantially reduce your tuition. Please contact the Cleary Financial Aid department at 800-686-1883 to learn more.