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Earn College Credits for Past Work Experiences

What if we told you your past and even current work and life experiences could earn you significant college credits? Would that be enough to push you to finish or begin your degree? We sure hope so! Chances are, you’ve acquired some high-level knowledge, as well as a few specialized skills. Whether that be at […]


Now Is the Time to Become Business Strong

It’s Time To Make A Change In this always-changing job market, now is the time to motivate yourself to finish or start that degree you’ve been thinking about. Becoming Business Strong is well worth the hard work. It elevates you on the employability list and sets you up for a better future. Whether you want […]


Overcome the Fears Associated with Returning to College as an Adult

Returning to school as an adult is one of the best, yet probably one of the most nerve-wracking, decisions you will ever make.  Whether you are seeking to increase your salary, find job security or start a new career, Cleary University offers an equal opportunity learning environment for all ages. As an adult, returning to […]


Furthering your Education – 10 Steps to Success

Returning to school isn’t as simple as filling out an application.  It takes a lot of thought; once you’ve been out of school for some period of time, life has more than set in.  Ranked as one of the Top ROI schools in Michigan, you can be assured you’re getting the best bang for your […]


Cleary University Makes Earning Your Degree Affordable

At Cleary University, we believe the best investment is the one you make in yourself.