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Helen’s Circle

Optimizing the Influence of Women

The Helen Clarke Jenks Cleary Giving Circle is named after Helen Cleary, the wife of Cleary University’s founder, in recognition of her many contributions to the institution.

Composed of alumnae and friends of Cleary University, the purpose of Helen’s Circle is to recognize and optimize the influence of women at Cleary University by supporting special projects.


Helen’s Circle aspires to promote Cleary University through investments and grants to university initiatives. We are committed to forging new relationships and building a community of thoughtful, effective philanthropists among a diversified assembly of women.


Helen’s Circle was established with a firm belief that higher education has a positive effect on society and that Cleary University is educating students to serve a world in need.

A women’s giving circle, Helen’s Circle will focus on assisting faculty, staff, students and student organizations to reach for higher and broader goals in their educational dreams.

Helen’s Circle will offer financial support to faculty, staff, students or student organizations to help them achieve goals, dreams and ideas that could not otherwise be met or promoted within the normal operating budget of the University.

Finally, its members will reap the satisfaction of making a noticeable difference in the lives of others.

How it Works

Every contributing member pledges $1,000 each fiscal year (beyond any other gifts or contributions being made to the University). All donations are deposited into a restricted fund. The amount of money available for distribution will vary each year as it is dependent on the number of Helen’s Circle members.

Faculty, students, student organizations, and staff are invited to apply for grants from Helen’s Circle. A Helen’s Circle committee will review all applications and the full membership will vote on distribution of the awards. Award recipients will be required to make a short presentation at the full membership meeting about how they used their grant funds.

The University relies upon the continued philanthropy of its many friends and donors to fund student scholarships and general institutional operations. If you, or you and your spouse, currently support the University, we ask that you continue that support and consider Helen’s Circle as an additional opportunity to make a difference.

To Join

We hope that you will consider joining us in this exciting venture. The donation of $1,000 can be made in annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly payments in cash, check, stock, or by credit card. Judy Walker, Chief Financial Officer at Cleary University, is available and happy to discuss your membership in Helen’s Circle. For more information call 800.686.1883, extension 3316 or email jwalker@cleary.edu.

Please join us in continuing the legacy of the many great women who have contributed to Cleary University!

Projects Funded By Helen’s Circle Grants

The projects funded for the 2016-2017 fiscal year total $22,550 and include:

  • Front Desk Check-Out Supplies for the Residence Hall
  • Internship Fair
  • Residence Hall Bulletin Boards
  • Upgraded BINGO Equipment for Athletic Fundraisers
  • Water Dispensing Station for Wellness Center
  • Bicycle Racks
  • Innovation Fellowship
  • Basketball Goals for Wellness Center
  • Grounds Beautification

Current Members

Sadhana Alangar
Mandy Boyers
Pat Claffey
Patrick R. Cleary II
Susan Dunn
Aleighsha Engish
Grace Farley
Julie Fielek
Carol Griffith
Darla Hargraves
Debbie King
Carol Kopf
Beth Lewis
Kathy Perlberg
Claudia Tangalakis
Judy Walker

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