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Graduate Programs

The MBA seeks to develop students into leaders and understand the “why” and “how” in accomplishing business decisions in a global environment.  Graduates of the Cleary MBA achieve these program goals through the following:

  • (THEORY) Define and Apply theories related to business and industry and explain related terms and theories relevant to the concentration
  • (DATA ANALYSIS) Synthesize and Analyze data to manage risk and achieve desired business and industry outcomes
  • (LEADERSHIP) Expand leaders to drive and change through vision and inspiration in the global marketplace and to lead diverse teams to achieve desired outcomes
  • (COMMUNICATION) Communicate effectively in a global environment with various constituencies and across business and industry verticals
  • (ETHICS) Demonstrate and interpret ethical, legal, and regulatory implications regarding business and industry practices
graduate programs

Cleary opens doors and opportunities
for HR graduate

Amber Sotelo worked in the corporate world of Human Resources (HR) for more than 15 years without a degree. She took a few classes at the University of Michigan but didn’t finish. Several years passed until she began to realize she had gone as far as she could in her career without a degree. COVID hit, and what better time to restart her educational journey, Amber thought. She recently had moved to Howell, and Cleary was in her neighborhood, so she checked it out. “I had so many questions … how would I pay for school … was I eligible for scholarships … how does someone my age and that far out of college come back to school? “After speaking with Cleary for one day, I had a renewed sense that I can do this!”

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