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Cleary University

First Year Students

Cleary University is a wonderful place to transition from high school to college with the care and attention that comes with an intimate environment coupled with the independence of building your adult life and perspectives. Cleary’s undergraduate programs prepare students for a fast-paced, ever-evolving business world. You’ll experience a hands-on education taught by seasoned professionals and cultivate professional skills to ensure career success.

Learning Comes to Life

At Cleary University, students are known by name, recognized and cherished. We help students build excitement about their course of study.

We offer:

  • Programs for traditional undergraduate students, transfer students and adult students
  • A small campus, where it is easy to connect with others and be known, seen, and heard
  • Small class sizes, to improve learning opportunities and outcomes as well as classroom connections
  • Faculty and staff who take a special interest in student success and provide mentoring opportunities during college and beyond
  • An advising team that offers meaningful, personalized guidance

The Cleary Mind™

Offering undergraduate and graduate degrees, The Cleary Mind business arts curriculum explores all aspects of the business world while arming students with the thought and philosophy that is needed to become a leader. Our students attend class in-person and online, with a variety of options to choose from.

Our student to faculty ratio of 15 to 1 fosters collaboration and allows students to interact with faculty and develop powerful mentorship relationships. Cleary faculty have their own business experience, bringing real-time lessons as well as research-based curriculum to the classroom.

At Cleary University, you will never be lost in a crowd. You will never be just a number. At Cleary, you will find the educational, emotional, and intellectual support needed to become who you are meant to be and choose a career that is both fulfilling and impactful to the world.