Career Development

The whole point of attending university is to figure out who you are, who you want to be, and in what way you will contribute to the world. A large part of this journey includes mapping out your career options.

Cleary University’s Career Development office assists and supports students in exploring career possibilities related to current paths of study, work experiences, and personal interests. Our goal is to help students develop the experiences that provide them with opportunities to explore their strengths and passions, help them understand career fundamentals, assist in building a professional network, add relevant experience to their resume, and build a life they love!


Some of the resources, activities, and events available through the Career Development office include:

  • Career fairs/days, employer meet & greets, networking, workshops, and on-campus recruiting
  • Mock interviews, informational interviews, mentoring, job shadowing, observations, and volunteering
  • Resume, cover letter, thank you letter assistance, and review
  • Career and job search strategy assistance

Meet the Career Development Team

Amy Denton
Director of Corporate and Career Development
Career Development Advisor
Adjunct Professor


We wanted to let you know about a new career discovery app called UpperCampus. 

The app looks and feels like scrolling through the feed of your favorite social media platforms. It allows you to easily set up a profile and thumb through different careers, companies, majors, and colleges based on your interests and your career assessment.

You can save colleges and careers you have explored as well as any relevant information about your activities, test scores, extracurricular activities, and other unique accomplishments.