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Cleary University

The Cleary Mind

The Cleary Mind creates graduates who are hard-working, who understand how to think, and who employers say are more prepared than their peers. Cleary graduates land jobs in their chosen fields faster, and have higher earnings, than their peers from comparable universities.

Twenty-first century employers want leadership, communication, and team players. Cleary’s theories of development shepherd students through their university years with an eye toward helping them form identity. The inquisitive nature and ready openness of the college years, combined with encouraged questioning and immersive study of this approach to business education, produces graduates who are contributors.

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A Transformative Approach

In 2016, Cleary University transformed its approach to business education by introducing a unique Business Arts curriculum, which fuels The Cleary Mind. The idea behind The Cleary Mind is that business education must also include philosophy, human relations, and other intangible but highly important disciplines to fully understand the way humans function in the marketplace and anticipate the needs and demands of the modern world through business innovation.

The Cleary Mind Changes Lives

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The Eight Attributes of The Cleary Mind

Cleary’s Business Arts curriculum aims to create a versatile business school graduate who can confidently contribute to the world by instilling attributes that all successful business leaders possess. Study in these disciplines encourages a deep dive into exploration of the Self and a journey toward self-realization, efficacy and confidence. Many employers yearn for employees who possess a strong sense of identity and a dedication to contribution in the workplace.


How we convey or share ideas and feelings effectively.

Creative Thinking

The ability to come up with tangible or non-tangible unique and original solutions.

Problem Solving

The art of identifying issues and implementing the best possible solutions.


The process of presenting arguments to move, motivate, or change your audience.


One with the mindset to identify a need in the market and then work to create a product or service to fill that need.


Leadership is a set of behaviors used to help people align their collective direction, and execute strategic plans.


The discipline concerned with what is morally good and bad and morally right and wrong.

Critical Thinking

The ability to think clearly and rationally, understanding the logical between ideas.

Average Starting Salary:
According to the US Department of Education, Cleary ranks #3 in the State of Michigan for highest average undergraduate starting salary, two years post-graduation.
Cleary Ranked "Best for Vets College" in 2022
Military Times named Cleary University a “Best for Vets College in 2022.” Our school was ranked 190th in the country and 33rd in the Midwest.
Cleary University Ranked #5
Cleary University is ranked #5 in the nation for having one of the best online Bachelor's Degree programs in Business Management by  University HQ.
Cleary Earns Gold Level Veteran-Friendly Status
The Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency (MVAA) awarded our university this honor for continued excellence in serving our military-connected students in Michigan.
Cleary Ranked Top 5% for Debt to Income Ratio
In 2021, Cleary University was rated in the top 5 percent of ALL schools in the United States for its student debt ratio to starting salaries, as reported in The Wall Street Journal.