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Arthur Secunda Museum

Remembering Arthur Secunda – eight decades of fine art

November 12, 1927 – August 30, 2022


Message from Cleary President, Alan Drimmer

It is with a heavy heart I let you know that the Cleary community mourns the loss of Arthur Secunda.  Arthur was a valued supporter of our students and university.  Cleary extends its sincerest condolences to the Secunda family.  We will honor Arthur’s memory by integrating his artwork into Cleary University’s course work within the Cleary Mind curriculum.  His artwork will be utilized to teach Cleary University student’s different aspects of originality, creative thinking, perspectives, interpretations, and communications.

Cleary University would also like to share his exhibit with the public.  If interested in visiting the Secunda Museum, please contact Jill Humble at 517-219-2619.

In lieu of flowers, his family has asked for donations to be made to the Secunda Museum. You may also read his obituary here.

Secunda is known for his brilliant collages, striking graphics, and iconic landscapes

Arthur Secunda was an internationally renowned artist whose art career began in Detroit in the 1940s. Secunda is known for his brilliant collages, striking graphics, and iconic landscapes of the late 1970s and 1980s, which incorporate a specific kind of color gradation and blending of forms.

Cleary University strives to provide an attractive, engaging, and “challenging” learning environment, which stimulates originality and creativity; develops natural curiosity; broadens perspective, and encourages interpretation through the search for meaning. Art is a catalyst for teaching and learning those important skills, which are keys to a successful business career.

The Work of Arthur Secunda

Secunda mastered almost all media, including making his own paper in France and Japan. His impressive body of work includes painting, mixed media, polyester assemblage, ceramics and welded sculpture. His imagery ranges from figurative and hard-edge to jazz and the Bible. Over his career Secunda has produced approximately 350 limited edition prints encompassing all printmaking techniques, including serigraphy, lithography, engraving, calligraphy and pochoir.

Arthur Secunda in Action (2010)

This video depicts Arthur Secunda making a new series of monotypes in the Rezvani studio. Secunda created approximately 140 monotypes illustrating verses of the Torah and Old Testament. Monotypes are original paintings created on a non-absorbent surface which are transferred to paper in a printing/pressing process.

Visit the Secunda Museum

The Secunda Museum is located on the Cleary University Campus,
in Howell, Michigan. If you’re interested in visiting the Secunda Museum for a self-guided tour, please contact Brett Rogers
at 800-686-1883, ext. 1558.

Hours: Monday–Friday, 10am to 5pm.