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Through The Cleary Compass workshop, participants will reframe their thinking, release their creativity and get comfortable with testing out new career avenues in a supportive, encouraging environment.
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A Transformative Approach

Participants will engage in an interactive workshop that gives them the tools, the time and the space to develop a healthy, realistic mindset allowing them to confidently answer the question, “What will I do with my life?” Through The Cleary Compass, they will examine multiple versions of their future, and use these as stepping stones to acquire the practices to prototype their lives.

What to expect during the workshop

During the workshop, participants will be given the various tools, worksheets and take-home resources that will prepare you for the more in-depth Cleary Compass seminars that follow this one-hour workshop:

How to create an Odyssey Plan

What is a Good Time Journal?

What's your current work/life situation?

The Cleary Compass is based on Stanford University's Life Design Lab which applies design thinking to tackling the "wicked" problems of life and vocational wayfinding.

At the conclusion of the workshop, students will be armed with their own self-designed life plans along with the steps to execute these plans. They will have the tools and framework to navigate change and build a life where they will flourish and feel comfortable and confident to continue exploring their life and career path. Experiment, and continue to experiment!

Cleary's Career Development Program
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Fewer than 20 percent of people have a single identifiable passion in their lives.

This workshop explores the myth that people need to find their passion and have “it” all figured out. According to research from Stanford University, the creator of Designing Your Life, the program in which The Cleary Compass is based, fewer than 20 percent of people have a single identifiable passion in their lives. That is why Cleary focuses on developing a skill set where students can investigate their interests and curiosities, and explore them in an intentional and structured way. Students will map out the story they have been telling themselves about their future, and then ask themselves, “What if the career I’m planning to pursue no longer exists? What if money and image were no object?” They will identify what is working and what is not and leverage those learnings to design a new version of their story, mindful that there is no single perfect job waiting for them but many great opportunities that fit their interests and goals.

The Cleary Compass Workshop Moderator

Amy Denton
Director of Corporate Development
Director or Career Development
Director of Alumni Relations
Adjunct Professor