LED 3000 Leadership Principles

Leadership Principles is designed to introduce new and aspiring leaders to the potential that they possess and that they can engender in others. This includes the ability to cultivate teams that perform at very high levels regardless of what industry you choose. The most versatile leaders are the ones who can mobilize others but that takes a personal commitment to growth, dealing with situational realities and challenges, self-assessments, and being able to effectively integrate feedback.

PMG 6800 – Project Risk and Quality Management

This course provides students with an in-depth understanding of the procurement-and risk-management processes in projects. The course also helps students evaluate and synthesize concepts within the domains of contract management and risk management, and helps students identify and assess recommended practices in contract management and purchasing. Topics primarily include risk-management planning, risk identification, risk analysis, risk-response strategies, risk monitoring, and risk control. In addition, the course covers the project manager’s responsibilities in identifying and obtaining resources from vendors, as well as the legal requirements and contracting processes involved. Prerequisite: PMG 6050

SPO 6900 Supervised Graduate Assistantship

The graduate assistantship is an opportunity for you to practically apply the advanced concepts in this concentration in an athletic leadership role. As a graduate assistant, students will gain the experience, supervised by industry professionals, and contacts necessary for success in the ever-changing world of sports.