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Military executive brings real world experiences to students

“I did not realize how much my career experiences could benefit students until I started applying real world scenarios to the coursework I was teaching,” finds Cleary Adjunct Professor Damian Dunbar, PhD, MBA, CDFM, APPQMR.

Dr. Dunbar joined the Cleary faculty three years ago. He teaches all graduate level courses: Human Resources, Finance, Economics and a variety of other courses – all online from his home in Georgia where he was born and raised.

He got his start at the university when “a group of my peers were talking about Cleary. I did some research on the school and decided to apply for a teaching position,” he reports.

When he was hired, Dr. Dunbar found the course curriculum framework was “solidly in place.” He took what students were learning, and “I added my own spin to it,” he notes.

“My goal is to establish a strong connection with my students and bring out the best in each one.”

Dr. Dunbar teaches mostly adult students and finds each one has his or her individual pace of learning. “As an instructor, I need to adjust to each student’s pace and needs. My role is to help every student be successful in their studies.”

He finds his extensive experience in finance and the military links well with the course content. A few months ago, Dr. Dunbar retired from an impressive professional career with the government’ military branch. He served as Financial Policy Specialist for the US Mint from January 2017 to December 2023. Prior to this position, he was Budget Analyst for the United States Department of Defense for six years; and he also served as Financial Analyst for the Pentagon’s US Department of Defense, Office of the Secretary of Defense.

He began his career as Financial Manager with the US Army, where he worked around the world for 20 years, directing more than 200 personnel in 12 pay offices, processing payroll accounts for more than 200,000 employees. He also was Comptroller for the Army, tasked with ensuring more than 50,000 soldiers’ pay and entitlements were accurate. Dr. Dunbar also served as an instructor and financial course developer at Army Finance Headquarters. He reviewed and evaluated more than 150 finance and human resource instructors across the organization, verifying their adherence to established training techniques and objectives.

It is no surprise that Dr. Dunbar earned numerous awards and commendations for his meritorious service and performance excellence.

Cleary is extremely fortunate to have professors like Dr. Dunbar who can share their extensive knowledge with students.

“I taught at other universities, but I found Cleary fit my background the best,” Dr. Dunbar points out. “It has a diverse catalogue of courses, and I have a diverse background to share. I also am impressed with the leadership and the strong connection between faculty and students. I did not see that in other universities. I appreciate the opportunities Cleary has given me.”